New paper out!

Our collaborative review paper Adaptive strategies and ecological roles of phages in habitats und...

Kick-off meeting

We kicked off this semester’s lab meeting with great energy. Look forward to a semester of breakt...

Welcome Sai and Leela!

Sai Ashraya Chegu and Leela Ohri joined the lab as undergraduate researchers. Welcome, Sai and Le...

Congratulations Ying-Xian!

Starting off the year with good news. Ying-Xian was awarded Roop and Kavita Mahajan Fund from ICT...

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Welcome Hardeep!

FNU Hardeep joined the lab for a research project. Welcome, Hardeep!

New paper out!

New minireview Taxonomy, ecology, and relevance to food safety of the genus Listeria with a parti...

Winter celebration!

Another semester comes to a close. We took a moment to celebrate the successes we’ve achieved. We...

New paper out!

The article Microplastics and chemical leachates from plastic pipes are associated with increased...

New paper out!

Shannon co-authored in a paper about a new metagenomics pipeline for antibiotic resistance genes ...

Lab awarded an ORAU grant!

Happy to share that our ORAU-Directed Research and Development proposal has been selected for fun...

EPA grant awarded!

Our lab is honored to be part of the effort to evaluate the risk and performance of enhanced aqui...

Two papers out!

We have two papers published back to back! The paper on the microdiversity of the vaginal microbi...

Welcome Balu!

Balu Anupoju joined the lab for a research project. Welcome, Balu!

Welcome Siva!

Siva Sagar Kolachina joined the lab for a research project. Welcome Siva!

Welcome Aruj!

Aruj Nayak joined the lab for research projects. Welcome Aruj!

New paper out!

Happy to share that the paper Restriction endonuclease cleavage of phage DNA enables resuscitatio...

Happy hour!

The LEAPH Lab had a buzzing happy hour! Great local pizza!

New preprint out!

Our preprint on the associations between microdiversity of the vaginal microbiome and preterm bir...

Two new papers out!

Excited to see two papers that we co-authored out: Preterm birth is associated with xenobiotics a...

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Welcome Sandeep!

Sandeep Chinnareddy joined the lab for a research project. Welcome Sandeep!

Welcome Anthony!

Anthony Nguyen joined the lab for a research project. Welcome Anthony!

Welcome Shannon!

Shannon Hepp, our first graduate student, joined the lab. Welcome Shannon!

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