Welcome Shannon!

Shannon Hepp, our first Ph.D. student, joins the lab. Welcome Shannon!

New editorial out!

The editorial for our Research Topic: Functional Diversity of Aquatic Microorganisms and Their Roles in Water Quality is out on Front. Water!

Research opportunities

We are recruiting! The LEAPH lab at VT has multiple research positions available. Please check this page for details!

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New preprint out!

Another new Listeria species found in our nationwide soil sampling campaign!

New paper out!

Our work about the associations between cervicovaginal microbiota and metabolomic features is out on Sci Rep!

Lighting talk

Our work on the microdiversity of the vaginal microbiome in preterm birth is highlighted at MVIF!

New paper out!

Thrilled to share our large-scale Listeria study recently published on Nat Microbiol! Through a massive soil sampling campaign across the US collecting Liste...

Conference abstract

Jingqiu presented our work on the microdiversity of the vaginal microbiome in preterm birth at World Microbe Forum.

Invited talk

Jingqiu gives an invited talk at International Young Scholar Forum hosted by Shanghai Jiao Tong University! She shared her insights into food safety and huma...

New preprint out!

Our new preprint about the interaction between the vaginal metabolome and preterm birth is out!

New paper out!

Check out the five new Listeria species that we discovered from soil and agricultural water!

New paper out!

Our E. coli ecology paper is published on Appl Environ Microbiol!

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New paper out!

Jingqiu’s first review paper as a co-corresponding author is live on MRS Advances!

Guest editor invitation

Jingqiu is invited to be a topic editor for Frontiers in Water. Please consider submitting your research to our Research Topic Functional Diversity of Aquati...

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